Saturday, 18 February 2012

White beauties

I'm ever so proud to have successfully forced several hyacinth bulbs for the first time this year. This is definitely something I'll be doing in the future, and most probably at the exact same time. The thought of having them ready in time for Christmas was not only stupidly optimistic and ignorant, but it was based on the erroneous belief that I needed yet another thing to make my house feel festive at that time of year. What I ended up getting were the most fragrant and beautiful-to-look-at flowers in the period post-Christmas when the house is back to its normal state and may feel a little empty at first. These flowers have provided me with that hope that only Spring brings. And surely, with snowdrops and crocuses flowering their little hats off at the moment, that can't be far away now. Bring it on I say.


Anonymous said...

They are just stunning! I bet they smell amazing.

Rachel said...

What beautiful flowers. I bought my MIL a hyacinth kit last year but I've never tried growing them myself. I think I should though, they're so pretty!