Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Numbers of the day so far

9.15 am. I have been up for 3 hours.

In those 3 hours, I cycled to the gym, did a quick 40min workout, showered, cycled home.

I then cycled to the train station, sat on the train for 30min and walked 25min to the office.

I’m now sat at my desk, having just had breakfast.
Would it be silly to say I’m pretty impressed with myself? Well if no one else is, I’ve got to be, right?! Still a whole working day to get through though… wish me luck!



Wow - if I could only fit that in before 9.15am (what with being at work at 8am and leaving at 7am!) I will have to wait until it get lighter Kxx

Anonymous said...

Phew, sounds like a busy day!

Made in Suisse said...

I feel tired just reading this post!zzz

The Littlest House said...

I'm thoroughly impressed. I can barely manage to get in breakfast before 9.15.