Thursday, 10 February 2011

A little surprise

It was a surprise when we opened the letter about eight months ago. I've kept it a secret from you, not really sure why. Maybe because I didn't quite believe it. Maybe because I didn't want to make you jealous. Maybe because I didn't think it real until I was sat on that plane.

Going where? Why a surprise? Let me explain.

The destination: Cambodia.

Why a surprise? Boyfriend had entered a competition online. And won the holiday. A free holiday to Cambodia for two people. Return flights in business class included. Accommodation for a week in a deluxe suite in a posh hotel in Siem Reap included.

Not included? The extra 10 days we decided to stick on the back of that. No point going half way across the world for 7 days right? So that's why I've been a little quiet the last couple of weeks or so. I've been having the time of my life in this amazing country. I had never been to Asia before, and it's definitely one of the furthest places I've been in my life.

Come back in the next few days to see some photos. You will not believe it. I still can't.



Lucy said...

You didn't want to make us jealous, did you not? I'm afraid you've failed on that score! Looking forward to the pics! xx

Jill said...

I wondered where you'd gotten to!

Sounds like a fantastic prize - look forward to hearing and seeing more about it :0)

Jill x

The Curious Cat said...

Ah hun, so happy for you - I know you'll be having a fantastic time! Will open whole new worlds for you and the experiences will be amazing...You're definitely not missing much here with the grey drizzle weather! Can't wait to hear more! xxx

Diane said...

Thats fantastic!! I'm glad you were so lucky!!! xxxx

Anonymous said...

wow, id checked back here to see if youd posted. now thats a great reason to not have written anything for a bit! i cant wait to read about it

Melanie said...

I was starting to worry about you!

But I'm so glad to read that you were on fantastic holidays in Cambodia. So happy for you, and yes a teensy bit jealous too!

I can't wait for your pics! x

Heather said...

hello welcome back! I'm glad you're ok, I was beginning to worry. Can't WAIT to see photos either, how awesome to win a holiday like that!

Rose said...

Oh wow! Cambodia would be high up on my 'I really want to visit' list! Can't wait to see what you did there! What a treat!

blueberry hill said...

Oh my - very exciting. Cambodia looks absolutely beautiful...will be checking for pics soon!

Monica said...


amazing!! and good on you for staying longer... can't wait to see the photos!!

The Girl said...

You need to tell us if you're going to disappear into thin air - we're like concerned bloggy parents here!

As for not making us jealous? I'm green with envy. GREEN.

Get those photos and thoughts in order and tell us more!

Susana said...

Enhorabuena por el viaje.
Quiero ver fotos muy pronto.

Sue said...

Cambodia eh? How exotic. It's French speaking isn't it? No problem for you then. A girl in my French class went there and ate fried spiders.

Pati from London said...

That's lovely petit filoux! Sounds like a fantastic trip, I've always wanted to go there! Good for you both!! (your "sibling" is probably jealous about it now...;-)
As an only child married to somebody with a younger sister, I found your previous post on siblings very interesting. It is quite weird to experience having that type of "sibling" and the rivalry attached to it when we as only children, are not used to it, isn't it? I see quite a lot of differences in the treatment of my in-laws to one and the other; perhaps because my hubby is a man and very independent and his sister the only daughter and more needy but my mum-in-law's treatment to one and the other is unfair sometimes and I really fail to understand it. Focus on the great things in your life; life always seems greener on the other side but you will be quite amazed to discover a very different side if you dig a little bit deeper. Look forward to seeing the pics, have a lovely weekend, x Pati