Monday, 25 July 2011

Lovely weekend

We had an absolutely superb weekend here in the South East of England. The sun shone its heart out and the temperatures were for once in line with the calendar. It was such a pleasure to have a little walk around the gardens, looking out for newly flowered blooms. Oh the joy of seeing little bees covered in our pollen!

We made the most of the weather and started making a dent in our mountain of dirty laundry. The move and the near wintery temperatures meant it was nearly as tall as me. But then of course the downside of clean clothes is that our ironing pile is the size of a small Greek island. Actually that reminds me, I must set up an "ironing station". Maybe seeing it all ready will encourage us to embrace the iron (not literally of course)? You never know.

We also had some family visit, which was a good incentive to give the place a good clean and tidy. The house now feels more and more like a home and it is just so exciting. Plans are being made for small touches of (cosmetic) renovation, and I feel so giddy about it, I can't wait to get stuck in! Just putting up a new towel rail has given us the DIY bug!

Family visiting obviously meant food had to be prepared, and I'm sorry to say I didn't even get a photo of the table covered in all my tasty offerings. One hungry cousin was rather too eager to get stuck in. I didn't think mentioning the blog would be a great move. So there, we had marinated olives, 'oeufs mayo', tuna and sweetcorn sandwiches, cherry tomatoes with basil leaves and mozzarella on little skewers (my favourites!), hummus and veg sticks.

 For pudding, some little chocolate biscuits, an apple tart (both from the supermarket, I haven't quite got to grips with my new kitchen yet!) and of course my trusty old chocolate and peanut butter brownie for pudding. That I can make with my eyes closed.

I wish I could say there was some left, but you know how it goes...!


Diane said...

I bet you are loving your little home - I can tell. xxxx

Lucy said...

Love the sight of washing on the line with blue skies above :) Also - how brilliant is that napkin?! XX

Jennifer said...

Sorry I haven't commented in so long, I have been keeping up with you and am so very excited about all your new adventures, we are having some new ones of our own as well.

PinkCatJo said...

Your home is looking very cosy.

People who don't have washing and ironing piles are definitely dull and boring! x