Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Blog love

I'm not being very organised. The flat is a right mess. It was beautiful when I got back, but I've since spread my stuff around. The suitcase is still on the floor, dirty clothes everywhere, nothing's really moved since I got back. But fear not, since I missed the Easter bank holiday, I have a couple of days to take off and one of them will be this coming Friday. It will be spent relaxing, tidying up, sipping tea and maybe a little bit of crafting too. One has to get back in their old habits!

Anyway, this isn't what I wanted to write about this morning (eek, nearly lunchtime actually!). I wanted to say a massive, enormous thank you to all of you who left such lovely comments recently. I couldn't reply to any while I was away, but I'm determined to do so this week. It meant so much, and really did put a smile on my face when I was feeling a little down. So thank you for being so supportive while I was out there, and thank for being so happy to have me back amongst you!!! I'm super happy too!!! Although it will be another photo-less post I'm afraid, I just haven't got round to that bit yet!

But I wanted to say thank you for more than just your comments. Three of you actually gave me awards while I was away, and that was simply fantastic!!!!!!  I couldn't quite believe it to be honest! Me? But I was away, taking a super long blogging break! But that didn't stop you and I'm ever so grateful. So thank you thank you thank you!!!

Both the amazing Heather at Little Tin Bird and Janet at Knit Sew and Grow have given me the Beautiful Blogger award. I feel so happy that you ladies thought of me!!!! Heather, I love your blog too and I'm kind of pleased you've missed me hihi ;-) Janet, well what can I say. This lady is super talented so go and check out her blog if you don't know her already! In order to accept this, I have to tell you seven things about myself... now you know I struggle a little bit with this! But I'll give it a go anyway...

  1. I'm an only child - I never minded when I was young , but now I miss not having extra people around - so I'm determined to have more than just one child myself!
  2. I played the piano for 10 years - still love it and when I have enough money around, I'll ship my piano over (it's still at my mum's back in France). Stopped when I started at university basically but I'm determined not to ever give it up completely, it's just so amazing being able to play music
  3. I used to love calligraphy when I was a teenager - not exactly a "cool" hobby I guess, but I loved it nonetheless!
  4. I was bullied between the ages of 11 and 14 for being chubby - looking back at the photos, I really wasn't fat at all, I just grew up faster than everyone else and so stood out a little - I don't think I will ever be able to forgive the bullies, because they led me down a route of comfort eating that I've had to battle with ever since
  5. I don't eat pork. My dad is Jewish and my mum's a Catholic, but we didn't eat pork. I'm an atheist, but just can't break the habit. I can't help it, even though it's totally irrational. Occasionally drives Boyfriend a little mental when he really fancies a bacon joint and I just won't cook it - sorry!
  6. I've lived in the US, France and England - do you think I can add the UAE to my list after having spent a month there?!
  7. I feel quite strongly about not eating any processed food, but somehow, crisps have managed to be the exception to the rule. I visited a crisp factory in Spain a few years back during a school trip, but even that didn't put me off. I wish I didn't like crisps. I love crisps. Crisps are my life - ok maybe that's an exaggeration but honestly, a life without crisps would just not be worth living!!
Laura at Fennel Design - a lovely designer who makes super cute cards! - has given me the I ♥Your Blog award. This award involves nominating 15 blogs to pass on the love to ;-) Now I'm not too sure about this, that is a lot of people!! So what I'm going to do is pass on the two awards to two people each! I think that sounds pretty reasonable don't you? So here we go!

The Beautiful Blogger award goes to:

And the I ♥Your Blog goes to:

  • the Goddess's Kitchen - because every time I look at her blog I want to give up my job and spend every waking hour making delicious food 
  • I Should Have Listened to my Mother - because the title makes me laugh every time I see it, and even though this lady is a new comer on the blog scene, I love her blog already!

Thanks for reading my blog everyone!!! Makes me very happy indeed!!! xx


The Girl said...

A CRISP FACTORY?!?!?! WHAT?! How have I missed out on this?!

Sooooooooooooo guess what I'm eating right now?

A certain soup that a certain person told me I had to make!! Expect a post later this week!

Simone said...

I am glad you are back safe and sound! Have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend. You-re not planning on going away for it are you!!! x

Maria♥ said...

Thanks so much for the award, really touched!


Jill said...

I can't believe you've nominated my blog for an award - It came as a great surprise when I popped by to see what was happening over on your blog. Thank you very much.

It must be fantastic to be able to play the piano - I'm useless and could only ever play London's Burning on a Recorder back in Junior School.

I hate the thought of anyone being bullied - It is one of biggest fears for Violet when she goes to school - kids can be so cruel.

Perhaps you could sell some Calligraphy gifts in your Folksy shop. Just an idea.

I'm not sure how the visit to a crisp factory came about - was a grim? Are there things us Crisp Lovers should know?

PS - did I read The Girls comment correctly - is she eating Soup????

Jennifer said...

Glad to see you made it home safely. I hate the aftermath of a trip, so much laundry and putting things away, ugh, makes me weary thinking about it. Thanks so much for the award, I am truly grateful.

Marie said...

Haven't checked in for a while, glad you are back safe and sound after your extended trip.

Ali said...

The post-trip suitcase explosion look - I know it well!

Off to check out some new-to-me blogs... thanks!

Heather said...

I'm so glad you're back (for your sake and my own selfish blog lovin' reasons!)

and yay you like your award! xxx

Diane said...

Yay !!! Your back!! Hurray!!! Show us your snaps then!! Where does "The Girl" think crisps come from, does she think they grow on trees? Perhaps they do in Hull!!!

(cant believe the Petite Filous advert is currently on TV - spooky)

Janet said...

Welcome back! Thank you for the lovely comment about me and the link!
Great to hear more about you, you are so lucky to be able to play the piano, i learnt for a little while but but gave it up so i can't play anything!:0)

Taz said...

Crisps are good and are not processed as they are made from vegetables ;)

Em said...

I just read back over a few of your posts and found this...
I know what you mean about crisps because I love them with a passion!!
I try very hard not to eat any junk food or processed food etc..but think nothing of scoffing a big bag of Tyrells salt and cider vinegar crisps in one sitting!!
Em xx